book illustrations

Here you'll find my character sketches, concept drawings & coloured paintings intended for children's picture books and other illustrated books.

A bedtime story

A bedtime story. Watercolour & pencil.

A forest of fantastic flora

Double page spread for one of my picture book manuscripts.

Creepy bath

No story for this one (except that I have been reading creepy stories, and watching creepy movies recently....)

Stephanie Holm Colourful Lizard Book Ill

A very colourful lizard... I don't want to give too much away, but it's for another of my picture book manuscripts!

Abandoned theatre.

Graphite sketch of an abandoned theatre for junior fiction manuscript.

Emily investigates

Sketches for a junior fiction mystery novel.

Decorator crab

This watercolour & pencil illustration was originally commissioned for signage, but I would love to explore the character further!

Battle for the rock

Pencil drawing + photoshop editing for an imagined double-page spread of a fire-breathing dragon attacking a lighthouse.

Fox & butterfly

Colour & character study for children's picture book.

Fox & butterfly

A second colour & character study for children's picture book.

The curious collector

Vignette illustration of bandicoot characters for my picture book manuscript.

Squiddle, the pyjama squid

Character development sketches for 'Squiddle' a pyajama squid with attitude