Another weekend, another chance to work on my portfolio

I never get as much done in a day as I hope but, working in snatches at night or before work I have managed to *mostly* finish 1 illustration for my new children's book portfolio.

It was quite experimental for me – and very different to traditional natural history illustrations where I know exactly what colour every element should be. For this, I got to make up my own colour palette, which was both fun and, in some ways, more challenging.

This is the almost finished illustration.

Almost finished! A fantasy forest illustration for a children's book.

For anyone interested in the process I've shared a few progress shots below.

I'm a long time fan of the picture book, Where the Wild Things Are and so I decided to start by laying in lines with a black pen....

Adding some pen lines.

Then I added some colour. I started with watercolour washes, then added watercolour pencils to give it a very hand-drawn, coloured-in feel.

Watercolour washes. My scanner didn't scan the purple flowers very well :(

Adding more colour! Watercolour pencils are fun.

Then it was a matter of building up layers of colour – trying not to ruin the picture in the process!

Adding even more colour!

Then I scanned it (unfortunately, the scanner I purchased in the UK is not as good as I'd like) and added the final touches digitally. I added adjustment layers (adjusting levels, brightness/contrast and curves), space for text.

I don't like how the small fly characters turned out, so I'll be adding new ones in digitally. But, for a first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with the results. (This isn't always the case!)

Signing off until next week to do some more painting!