I'm going on an adventure!

For the past year or so I've been entertaining the idea of travelling...

Me in the Lake District, England, November 2015

Since submitting my PhD in September 2017 I had planned on having a holiday, a break, to rest and rejuvenate - to experiment with new imagery and artforms - but life didn't quite work out as I'd imagined (for the most part it's been for the better).

It took 12 months for my PhD to be assessed and finalised, during which time I doubted myself and my ability to draw, worked as a Research Assistant, wrote most of a novel in the lounge room of my share house (which I don't advise, but it was the only place I could fit my desk) and schemed.

The result of my scheming?

In less than a month I'll be leaving the sunny shores of Australia - and probably won't be back for two years or more!

Where am I going?

First to Greece, to an island called Aegina to rest, relax and recuperate - and to write. I intend to begin the first draft of my second novel while there, and hopefully get back in the habit of drawing.

Then, after a month I'll be journey through Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands - and finally, around February 2019, I'll reach my end destination: the UK.

Once there my plan - which is subject to change - is to settle in Edinburgh, Scotland to live and work and write and draw for at least a year. We'll see what happens...

Yes - I know - I'm heading for a double winter

I am excited at the prospect of travelling, but know I will miss my friends and family. I am grateful, though, that these days it's easy to keep in touch. (Not like sending a letter from Sydney to England in the 1800s, hoping the recipient will get it in 3 months - and if you're lucky - you'll get a reply in 6! People were tough back then.)