Inklands - a new Aussie animal colouring book

Last week I worked furiously to create a new colouring book featuring several iconic Australian animals in my signature natural history illustration style. It's now available as a digital book to buy via Etsy! To preview all the page designs (my favourite part of the process is coming up with new compositions) have a look here. I'm also running a sale for the book launch, just add the code INKLANDS in at checkout to get 20% off the book until the 13th of April 2020.

I was spurred to create Inklands by a request for a digital copy of my first colouring book 'Wildscapes'. Sadly, Wildscapes is out of print and due to my living in Scotland and the original artwork for Wildscapes being in storage in Australia, it's not currently possible for me to produce a digital copy. Maybe one day...

I really enjoyed drawing this new colouring book and already have ideas for more colouring pages and books. If you have an animal or insect or flower that you'd like to see as a colouring page let me know - I am definitely open to ideas :)

Writing this post I see my poor website has been pretty neglected recently! Besides the colouring book I have been working on a series of new oil paintings. This series is inspired by my time living in Scotland, as you'll see from the photos below.

This series is a bit of a departure from my watercolour natural history illustrations, but I'm loving the vibrancy of the oil paints. Owing to living in a small flat I'm working on a small scale now, and these paintings measure 13cm diameter. For those of you who are crafty with needle and thread, yes I have used embroidery hoops! I've stretched canvas in them and think they look quite cute as a framing device. This series is an ongoing project ... I was hoping to put the collection up on Etsy, but have decided that owing to the corona virus I'll hold off. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to have an exhibition some time in the future. If you are interested in the paintings do email me, as they will eventually be for sale.

I think I have waffled long enough now...

Hoping you are all well and finding plenty of activities to do at home, while we're all in lockdown. I've got drawing, painting, renovating and writing on my list... I just don't think I have time to fit them all in!