Well, this year flew by!

As another year draws to a close I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has been following my work. I haven’t been able to share as much as I would have liked – nor spend as much time painting as I would have liked!

I have been writing, but that is not nearly so photogenic. I’m three quarters finished a new novel - a quirky mystery - and I plan to send it out to agents in the New Year. I have a good feeling about this one and hope the publishing world gatekeepers like it too!

The only clue I can give you about my current novel-in-progress...

Most of my time currently is (still) taken up with house renovation. It’s proved to be a much bigger and more time-consuming job than I imagined, but the good news is the bedrooms are done and there’s only the living room, kitchen, bathroom and halls to go… I have learnt a huge amount about renovating along the way – and am getting quicker (now that I know what I’m doing).

(Our living/dining room - a work in progress, including a creepy hole in the wall under the wallpaper. Hoping to have this room done by Christmas!)

Big life changes are coming in 2020, which will also impact my creative time and work, but more on those as they unfold.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up hope that I’ll be published again, but at the same time I can’t give up writing or drawing. I like creating too much. So here’s to a new year filled with life, love and creativity.

Best wishes to you all!