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If you would like to send Stephanie a message please use this form. She tends to respond to emails in a most timely manner. 

For picture book authors

Sometimes Stephanie gets requests to illustrate picture book manuscripts by authors. Though she is generally interested in these projects there is a process that should be followed. Here it is:

  1. For a picture book, unless you are a writer/illustrator send the text manuscript, without pictures, to a publisher.

  2. If the publisher accepts the manuscript (congratulations!) then you can suggest to the publisher that you think Stephanie's illustration style would fit your work.

  3. The publisher will say yay or nay.

  4. If they say yay then I will very likely be illustrating your book. Hooray!

steph@stephanieholm.comTel: +61 411 749 866


Stephanie is currently only accepting commissions for work for publications and/or products. If you would like her to create illustrations for magazines, books, calendars, stationery, fabrics, signs, or something else, use the form above to contact her. She will respond.