This gallery is a random collection of pages, bits & pieces from my sketchbooks. I generally get ideas for picture books from sketching, but I like peeking inside other people sketchbooks - so thought you might like to too. 

Birds in profile

This drawing was completed to show the different bill shapes (and head shapes of birds), graphite, 30x42cm.

Tawny frogmouth drawing

A graphite drawing of a Tawny Frogmouth in habitat scene, 30x42cm.

Echidna character sketches

These were my initial character sketches for 'Etch'. The more realistic version.

Brushtail possum

Unfinished sketch of a brushtail possum. One day it'll be turned into a watercolour painting as part of my PhD.

Lewin's honeyeater

Sketch of a Lewin's honeyeater observed in the rainforest at the University of Newcastle.


Two character sketches for Etch the curious, and mischievous echidna. This Etch is more cutesy and less realistic than my initial sketches!

Bandi character sketches

Quick sketches, trying to develop a character for a picture book.

Permian Monster Sketch

Sketch of a Dimetrodon limbatus

Powerful Owl

Don't you love it's stare! I saw this owl during field research.

Garden skink

Sketch of a garden skink curled on leaf litter. This sketch ended up as a watercolour painting.

Old wife fish

This was a preliminary sketch for a commission for marine signage I completed for Mosman Council.

Purple Swamphens

Can you see the purple swamphens wading through the lily pads? I was playing with negative space.

Permian Monster

Sketch of an Inostrancevia (a so-called Permian Monster). Wouldn't like to meet this one on a dark night!

Eastern fiddler stingray

Another preliminary sketch for a commission for marine signage I completed for Mosman Council.

Permian monster

Another sketch of a Permian monster from an exhibit I saw, this one is a Platyoposaurus

Permian monster

This was such a cute little modeled monster - I thought it was more cute than monster. It's a Cacops & only grows around 30cm high.