Wildscapes: an Australian art therapy colouring book Murdoch Books Australia. Released October 2015. RRP $19.99.



Wildscapes is my Australian-themed colouring book featuring Australian fauna, flora and insects. Within the pages you might spot some of your favourite Aussie animals: echidnas, koalas, emus, cockatoos and kookaburras. But there are also quolls, numbats, pygmy possums and honeyeaters among many others! There are wild scenes and nature-inspired patterns of feathers, fungi, frogs and gumnuts. There are also interactive elements, spaces where you can add your own patterns, and finally, a mischievous feathertail glider has hidden himself across every double page….see if you can spot his tail!

Wildscapes cover by Stephanie Holm
Koalas in Wildscapes
Red-browed finch fun
Eastern Rosellas in Wildscapes
Green tree frogs in Wildscapes

Please note:  As of 18 February 2018, Wildscapes is currently out of print. If you are a publishing company who'd like to see Wildscapes back in print please contact me - I hold the rights.